Saturday, 7 December 2013

Someone New, Something New

The other day my fortune coffee predicted that I would make a new acquaintance. As a matter of fact I did meet some people. Of course, some left more impression on me than the rest. Do you know that feeling when your surroundings are so dully familiar? Then someone new comes into this bubble and kinda pops it up. No matter if they open your mind, inspire you, or make you feel so lively again. So cheers to the freshness, cheers to the something new.

I try really hard to run away from the tartan trend. However, it comes up with me effortlessly and captures me.
Outfit: coat Zara
shirt Pull&Bear
scarf and headband Stradivarius
bag vintage


  1. Love the outfit and the first picture looks so artistic its amazing!
    Just followed your blog!

    Much love xxx

  2. Трудничко си е да се избяга от тартан модата, навсякъде заляха магазините с нея O_O Страхотно палтенце и шал, и тази панделка е супер сладка ^_^

  3. lovely blog

  4. Your outfit is interesting .. good work:-) You have fantastic coat!


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  6. Wow, I love the colours! Those are reeeeally cool pictures! Love your style,
    Miss Annie

  7. I really love that first photo, it's such a stunning portrait! Has an old, quiet eeriness to it