Saturday, 18 January 2014

Cherry by the Vulgarian

Photos by Ileonora Yosifova

Когато не може да си намериш желания модел дреха, си го уший сам. Или го дай на шивач. Това се случи с облеклото от този пост. Намерих този симпатичен велур, а отдавна исках дълга пола по тялото. Тогава отидох в ателието и им представих идеята си. Възползвах се също от плата от първия пост. Радвам се от резултата. Най-вече, защото мога да ги  комбинирам отделно с други дрехи.

In case you can't find the desired piece of clothe then sew it. There I was looking for a long tight skirt but couldn't find it anywhere. So I went on quest for fabric and bought this cherry suede. Then I had it made into this suit (I made use of the leather from the first post, too). I'm  very pleased with the result. Especially because I can mix these garments with other clothes as well.


  1. lovely dress&coat<3
    lets follow on bloglovin?

  2. Very nice cimbination love the coat and the colour of the dress together

  3. Уу, сексеее! :D Страхотен комплект! А косата ти ееее...уау *_*

  4. Nice post ♥
    wonderful ♥
    Regards ♥

  5. I really loved the fact that you did a DIY and made the top and skirt yourself! It looks like it came straight out of a store! If you're interested, you should check out MagTag. It's a website where you can post your looks or other looks that you like and find identical or similar looks to shop (this would probably be extremely helpful for people who love your style but can't sew their own clothes! )
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    1. This looks very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

    2. HeyTra Mi!
      Did you get a chance to check out MagTag?
      How do you like it? :)

  6. great post! keep up the great work. just love it.

  7. Nicel look, love that coat!

  8. I love it! I have the same philosophy, but less access to a sewing machine. Oh well. Hopefully when I get more space, I can start making my own stuff.

  9. im loving your outfit, specially the matching top and skirt.

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  10. I love the colour! I totally agree, if you can't find something you want, make it yourself. Unfortunately I can't sew, so I have to beg my sister to make clothes for me!

    Arielle from Tangled Musings

  11. The combo of the colour and leather trimmings are gorgeous!