Saturday, 20 September 2014

Goodbye Summer

Photos by Rosen Vasilev

Saying bye to Summer, not that I experienced it (speaking in meteorological terms). This dress is inspired by the delicate nightgowns and it's a design of mine. Note that I dress up with it to night occasions only. And these awesome shades are again from Giant Vintage. It's a fact that people do check me out twice because of them.
So see you next year Summer. Now it's time for a new chapter - new trends, new places, new people.
Outfit: The Vulgarian dress
Pull&Bear hat


  1. Страшно си усмихната и слънчева :))

  2. Lascivious Vulgarians,

    Among the pack of wheedling, braying jack-asses that is this sites regular contributors, there have always been those who seek to tell me how to run my business. Indeed, hardly a day goes by in which this strident horde of mewling, puking harpies offers their unwelcome opinions here on how to ‘right the ship’. Like many successful and wealthy plutocrats, I am sometimes asked by one or another of you god-damned sheep exactly what it is to which I credit my good fortune.

    There is one quality I possess in spades which separates me from the misled cattle that is man-kind. But it is neither my low animal cunning, nor my ruth-less attitude. It is not even the fact that I was born into incredible wealth and privilege and raised in a stress-infused and Byzantine family before most of you were but a series of brutish animal impulses in your drunken grandfather’s pants-creases. What makes me a force to be reckoned with is my capacity to feel ever-present, mind-wracking, pants-shitting fear.

    In the realm of business, it has been an unparalleled boon. Fear, after all, is at the root of hatred and anger, the two empire-building tools which have spurred me to fill my coffers to a state of absolute, unfettered corpulence. Like all good capitalists, I fear and despise competition and have therefore crushed whatever rivals poke their heads up.

    I make a point of motivating every last one of my employees, from the scullery-maid to the previous President, with fear, as well as its constant companion, derision and threats. In fact, I believe that if you begin living your life in fear, you will be a better and more successful citizen. Is that enough of a cogent articulation so that the gaggle of you dullards are able to at least vaguely comprehend the primary point?

    Uncle Sam esq. (Republican)

  3. I really like the dress you are wearing !
    Beautiful pictures. xxx

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  4. Great pic's and really Cute Sunglasses look Amazing !:)