Friday, 22 September 2017

GOODBYE SUMMER 2017 - Greek Beach

What a better moment to say goodbye to summer 2017 than on the equinox and the first proper jacket-appropriate cold weather here in Sofia. For this purpose I've chosen the most quintessentially summer (untouched and unedited) photos I have, which are the ones from my latest trip abroad to a Greek beach. 
In honour of Summer 2017, I'll summarise my lessons and/or reminders I collected the past few months. Firstly, Chami, you love the look and the feel of seas and oceans. Few things can fill up your heart and soul as quickly as a glimpse to a horizon of deep blue water. Secondly, you don't need to travel far away in order to have a meaningful trip. Your tiny home country Bulgaria offers astonishing nature and unexpected locations embedded with important history and culture. And lastly, even though you are a city child nature is an essential part of your life and existence, and you should go back more often to splendid waterfalls, steep and dangerous cliffs, wheat fields, stranded sandy islands, sunflower fields, etc. I hope everyone puts some more effort into getting away from the city and getting in touch with nature because I truly believe that such small changes improve your life and make you a better person.
Looking forward to seeing you, Next Summer.


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