Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Urban Boho

Photos by Rouge et Noir

When you try to enjoy the pleasures of life but you are deep in the labyrinth of your insecurities. When you are given second, third chances and still do not make it up. When you wish to stand in the sun but you are hungover from your past mistakes; and your eyes can barely open because it hurts too much getting blinded by the blaze of your demons. One of the few things left to do is repeating to yourself to keep striding ahead, no matter how anxious and desperate the road makes you feel.

I don't have much sympathies for the boho style. But in the Sofia heat, swimming in sweat, I prefer to keep a casual and rather undistinguished outfit. Of course, that means not too bohemian so I urbanized the look a bit.


  1. Love this outfit. The necklace is my favorite part!

    Great post as usual!:)


  2. Great casual look! I love your photos!